Our Quality Standards

EGS is a progressive organisation which aims to retain the existing high standards that we adhere to, and to measure and assess our performance against our clients’ requirements with a view to continually improving our services. 

We are in the process of formally registering our quality management system against ISO 9001:2008.

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We ensure our work is of the highest standard by:

  • Establishing and documenting purposeful quality objectives
  • Identifying our key business processes, documenting the procedures which will implement these processes effectively, and checking that the procedures are followed
  • Maintaining the integrity and traceability of contract documents and specifications provided by our clients and their employees
  • Sourcing quality materials from reputable suppliers
  • Testing materials, monitoring the performance of suppliers and sub-contractors and instigating improvements where necessary
  • Ensuring that staff are competent to properly discharge their responsibilities and are motivated to do so
  • Planning requirements for resources and infrastructure to ensure that they are sufficient to support our business processes