EGS constructs and remodels golf courses throughout Europe. With our wealth of knowledge and experience we are able to assess the drainage requirements of a course by carrying out a simple site investigation.

With increasing demand from golfers for better playing conditions and playability all year round, demands on drainage  have increased over recent years.  This has led to advances in equipment technology which enable drainage systems to be installed to new and existing courses with minimal disruption to playing surfaces.

Good drainage is crucial to create a firm, fast playing surface which can be maintained to a high standard all year round and minimises the number of playing days lost due to poor weather.  By implementing the correct design, virtually any surface can be restored to perfect playing conditions. We work with professional designers, identifying value-for-money solutions to drainage problems on existing courses and providing value engineering solutions for new construction projects. 

Optimum results are achieved by providing all four components.


Slit Drainage

Modern drainage systems frequently consist of four components:

  • Main Drainage Systems (consisting of non-perforated twin wall PE pipe 100mm to 1200mm, transferring water to the outlet point)
  • Primary Drainage Systems (consisting of perforated pipe surrounded with gravel, generally 60mm to 100mm, acting as a collection system from secondary drainage)
  • Secondary Drainage Systems (consisting of slit or gravel band 50mm to 100mm wide and 200mm to 400mm, deep filled with gravel or course sand, catching surface water and rapidly transferring to the collection drainage)
  • Sand Top Dressing (consisting of spreading a layer of free draining sand over the drained surface to help create a stable free draining layer with good drainage characteristics)