EGS - Health & Safety Policy

The management team of European Golf Services give the highest priority to ensuring that our employees, and all other employees working on sites managed by the company, can work safely and healthily, and remain free from injury.

The aim of this policy is to: reduce injuries, ill health, any other unnecessary losses and liability, and to protect the environment.

We are committed to developing and maintaining a EGS safety culture which ensures that we consistently operate above the standards required by Irish health and safety legislation.

We work actively with external certification bodies, construction industry safety groups and safety experts to ensure that European Golf Services safety policies and management are informed by best-practices and that we play an active role in ensuring best-practices are promoted across the entire Irish construction industry.

Our, OHSAS 18001 certified, safety management system (SMS) sets out in detail the structures, procedures and processes for the effective implementation of this policy.

For each construction-site on which we operate, we prepare a Site-Specific Safety Statement, which embodies the application of our SMS to the specific hazards, risks and operating circumstances particular to that site. This, along with a copy of the general SMS, is made available in a highly visible manner at all locations at which we operate.

Declan O’Malley

Managing Director

November 2010


This policy is founded on three mutually re-enforcing pillars.

1.    The use of rigorous processes, by highly-trained safety personnel, to identify and control hazards and risks.

2.    A chain of managerial accountability which ensures that health and safety are prioritised.

3.    Active two-way communication with all employees to engage, their personal commitment to safe behaviour, and their active contribution to the continuous improvement of safety in all our operations.